Vectorizer being blocked by inputs

It seems that the standard Vectorizer component is blocked by its inputs regardless of the reading policy. I tried setting the policy to Reactive, but it would still have no outputs until both inputs had some data in them. Is this standard behavior? How can we get a vectorizer to still output despite some of it’s inputs being empty?


You are right, all inputs must contain a value. The reason is the following : the DataVectorizer must know the size of all inputs to allocate its output. Indeed, all inputs must be of the same type (let’s say integer64), but the size of each input could differ. Without receiving all the inputs, how could he know the size to allocate ?

As a solution, you could send Zero value “Once at start” to initialize one or all inputs. To do that, you can use a Multiplexer component and a Constant generator using the “Once At Start” in the properties. This will send Zero value of the required size just once at start.

See screenshot here, where I do it for one input.

Hope it helps,