Update Site Testing: Ouster Package

Having lots of issues with the new ouster lidar decoder component. I verified functionality with the old components but I’ve experienced multiple crashes with the new component. Not sure how to configure the calibration file for the new one since there’s no “Get Calibration” option anymore and none of the json strings I’ve put in have been accepted. I was able to create a json string that was accepted by the component but it was critically altered from the truth and no data was shown.


Which RTMaps_Ouster.pck version are you using ?
With which Ouster device ?

From version 4.0 onwards, the pck uses the official Ouster SDK and might not be compatible with your device.

I am using rtmaps_ouster.pck version with a Rev 7 OS-0 and a Rev 6 OS-2. The deprecated components still work but I’ve been unable to get the new “Ouster Lidar” component to visualize data. I grabbed the sensor calibrations using the TCP API with commands like “get_sensor_params” but the rtmaps component would either crash or not show any data.