Simulink to RTMaps: Can you build RTMaps packages for Linux environments on a Windows machine?

MathWorks says it is possible with C/C++ code, but I am not sure if the same process applies for generating packages for RTMaps. I tried to switch my device type to Linux x86-64 in the Hardware Implementation in the Simulink settings and that still generated the package for a Windows environment, so I might be doing something wrong. Is generating RTMaps packages for Linux on a Windows machine possible? If it is, what is the proper process?

Here is the link to MathWorks’s documentation on how to compile Windows generated code on Linux


I think it is possible even if not indicated in the documentation here.
Do you use Simulink on Windows only or linux is also a possibility ?

So I do I have the option to build my Simulink model on Linux, but being able to compile for a Linux OS on a Windows machine would be nice. The only solution I can think of currently is to generate the C++ code, compile that code on a Linux machine, then use CMake to create my component from that code. Which is more work than desired, but if it’s the only method that is valid, then I will have to make do :sweat_smile:

Maybe some instructions would be good if you all know of a quick and easy way to do this. I know some schools mostly do work on their Windows machines, and they would like to easier generate RTMaps packages on their Windows and send it to their Linux machines.