How to setup XCP communication?

Hey everyone,

I would like to read and write data from my ECU using the XCP protocol over CAN. Is it supported in RTMaps? What kind of CAN adapter can I use?


Hello @billy_can

Yes, XCP is supported with RTMaps. You will have to use dSPACE ECU Interface Manager, and the RTMaps package xcp_dspace_ecu_interface_manager_to_pck available on our update site. Those require a specific license, so please reach out to your sales representative.

We have this video to explain the process:

First, you have to generate a container with dSPACE ECU Interface Manager, then use the script included in the xcp_dspace_ecu_interface_manager_to_pck package to generate an RTMaps component. You can then register the generated package, and configure your XCP component.

For CAN, currently SocketCAN, PEAK, and Kvaser are supported. Configure your CAN compnent as usual, but without connecting the input or output. Set the same CAN Bridge channel name in both the XCP component and the CAN component.

Let us know if you need additional help.

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