How do I resolve missing dependencies?

I encountered this error when I tried to register a package:

Error: Unable to load package : third party dependencies may be missing (.dll/.so/.dylib files).

How can I resolve this error?

To resolve missing dependencies, you first need to identify it and then place it in the correct folder.

  • In Windows, in order to know which DLLs are missing, use the Dependency utility. You can also find it here: Dependency GITHUB
    • Open your package file with this tool and you will find what module is missing.

Please note that Dependency may issue warnings on “system DLLs”. Those are usually false positives. Start with direct (first-level) dependencies of your package and check if one of the problematic DLLs is specific to your component (e.g. a library against which your component has been linked, a driver used by your component. etc.) and focus on these ones first. Please avoid copying/moving Windows system DLLs.

  • In Linux, run the “ldd -r myPackage.pck” command and see if there are shared libraries that are not found

If you have an Intempora support account, can you find more information on how to resolve missing dependencies here: Resolving package dependency issues – Intempora

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