Data Visualization in RTMaps

Hi, I’m new to RTMaps, I want to find alternatives to the viewers already available in RTMaps, is it possible to code my own viewers and visualization tools? What alternatives can you recommend?

Hello and welcome to the forum,

There are 3 ways to develop your own HMI:

  1. Use our QML package
  2. Use our foxglove dashboard. See this video.
  3. Use PythonBridge component to develop a python code doing what you want to. There are samples using PySide2 (or PySide6) to help you start with Qt development.

Have a nice day.

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Thank you for your prompt reply!
Which version of QT is supported in RTMaps? I would like to create my own dashboard, I will probably explore the PythonBridge or QML package.

All recent Qt versions are supported, because you do it on your own with PythonBridge. See this video about PythonBridge.
Regarding QML packages, it is using Qt6.

See the samples for both cases (QML & PythonBridge) and see for yourself what’s better for you. You might have more flexibility with python, IMO.

Do not forget to update PythonBridge to latest version (4.4.7).