Component Overflow

If I configure an RTMaps component such that the FIFO buffer size is the size of the expected output, is there a way to configure RTMaps such that the FIFO overflow error is ignored? Or is there a better way to selectively take inputs from a component that constantly provides new outputs? e.g. I am getting data at ~30 Hz but am only expecting to use the data at 1-3 Hz.

This article discusses the topic of FIFO overflows. Note that FIFO buffer size is the number of samples and not the size of each sample. If you are getting data at 30Hz and expect to only use is at 1-3Hz I would suggest a LastOrNext Reader, which will take the newest sample in the buffer and skip older samples.

Another more deterministic way to selectively reduce the rate at which data is consumed is to change the “subsampling” property on either the output port of the upstream component or the input port of the downstream component. This would ensure that you are downsampling at a known rate, where the suggestion above will simply take the newest sample in the output buffer. Both options are discussed in the article linked in the previous comment.

I would mention that it is still possible that you would get FIFO overflows in both cases, and it would be advised to further tune your parameters until you can rectify the issue.