AnyNumber type for inputs and outputs


I’m designing a C++ based component where certain inputs can be any number, and I’d like to simply “pass them through” to the output provided they meet some conditions. The “pass-through” behavior is similar to what the Bypass or Resampler component does, but modified for our purpose.
I tried using MAPS::AnyNumber to define the output stream,


and then wrote to the output stream,

MAPS::OutputGuard<MAPSFloat64> output_1(this, Output(OUTPUT_SIG1));
 output_1.Data() = 10;
 output_1.VectorSize() = 1;

but this results in a run-time error

Error: signal_forwarder_1: maps_io_access.hpp:675 __cdecl MAPS::OutputGuard::OutputGuard(class maps_SignalForwarder *,class MAPSOutput &,const bool): The ElementType of the OutputGuard of [output_name:signal1_out] doesn’t match the actual type of the output

I tried looking for examples in the SDK but couldn’t find anything demonstrating this. How should I be making this component? Alternatively, how is the Bypass component achieving this behavior?

Hi Darsh,

While you can have a generic type like that, the output buffer size always has to be well defined during run time, and for that you need to define the output type. You can see this behavior by observing the Bypass component as well. Initially the output port has any type, but after receiving the first input, the output will be limited in type to just that one.

The way you do this is by putting the following into your Core method:

    if (firstTimeWriting)
        firstTimeWriting = false;

Here firstTimeWriting is a boolean member variable of the component class. Also make sure in your original output definition, you have the buffer size as 0 and not 1, since you allocate the buffer size after defining the type.

Then in Death you can put


to change the type back to any again.