A note about Rec Splitter timestamps and offsets

The rec_splitter tool (found in the /bin folder of your RTMaps installation directory) requires timestamps to be specified in microsecond.
Which is something to keep in mind when splitting recordings with an offset (in seconds).

Let’s say you a rec file beginning with something like this :

Launched at 10:29:08.327 (09/07/2020)
[STDB v2.0]
Offset (sec) : 1579251897

As you can see there is an offset of 1579251897 (seconds) in the recorded data. To use the splitter, you will need to take this offset value and add 6 following zero to convert that offset defined in seconds to microseconds.

So in order to split the first 10 seconds you will need to specify the following interval


And to split from the 4th second to the 8th, that interval becomes:


If you need to split several interval, simply add them to a csv file, here called timestampsInterval.csv (make sure each interval is separated with a new-line character) and feed that file to the rec_splitter using :

rtmaps_rec_splitter --timestamps timestampsInterval.csv -i myRecordings.rec